Tiny Tumblers is a unique and innovative way to teach tumbling and movement education to children. Our instructors are dedicated to helping each child reach his or her full potential with creative teaching techniques that are specially designed to help build their self esteem. Classes are perpetual motion meaning we keep students motivated by keeping them active the entire time they are in class.

Classes are taught inside our mobile gyms at your child's preschool or daycare facility. Your child is not transported anywhere!

Tiny Tumblers brings our Tumble trailer or Tumble bus to your location. Both units are custom built that are filled with state-of-the-art equipment especially designed for children ages 2-10 years old. Class size is between 10-14 children, 2 instructors per class with a minimum enrollment of 10 students at each facility.

Our Mobile gyms have bars, beams, vaults, trampolines, zip lines, monkey bars, rainbow mountains, doughnuts, and so much more!

Tiny Tumblers is designed to:
         *Develop basic motor skills
         *Build self confidence
         *Create a life-long love for fitness
         *Learn how to become a team player in a non competitive environment
         *Best of all - Have Fun!!

Classes are:  *Structured With Weekly Lesson Plans ( that are posted and e-mailed to parents if requested) *Taught by Certified Instructors    *Non-Competitive   *Lots of Fun!

No transportation of
your child is involved.
We come to You!
Mission Statement:
Through our creative, fun teaching techniques, every child will have the opportunity to develop coordination, strength and self confidence in a clean, safe, positive environment.