How to incorporate Tiny Tumblers Into your Day Care or Preschool

"Tiny Tumblers" travels to Kalamazoo and surrounding areas.  If you have a facility with 10 or more students interested in signing up, call our office today at (269) 760-9227 for more information.

There is no cost to your preschool or daycare facility.  Fees are billed directly to the parents. Tiny Tumblers handles registration and all billing.  The fee for each month is $38.00 per child with a registration fee of $15.00.  We make this easy to incorporate into your program. We also offer special rates if your faculty incorporates Tiny Tumblers into their curriculum that will enable all children to participate in our classes.

 Every week a lesson plan is posted to keep parents up to date.

"Tiny Tumblers" also offers a one-time class for facilities interested in adding a little something extra to their regular agenda.  This is a great way to see if the "Tiny Tumblers" program is right for your facility.

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