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Did you Know?
Tumbling and movement education is directly contributed to develping
neurological pathways in students and promoting reading readiness.
Children who have participated in early physcial education activities
have longer attention spans, general problem solving skills and
improved self-esteem.

What do the children learn?
Emphasis is on motor skills, tumbling, movement education, hand-eye coordination, and large muscle control.  We teach many important skills and words that are essential to a child's development.  Such skills include respecting others, waiting their turn, praising others, being rewarded for good behavoir, and following directions.  We not only introduce them to tumbling, but we also get children excited about exercise while teaching them the basic skills of everyday life.
How long are the sessions?
The "Tiny Tumblers" classes are held
year round.  Fees are paid in advance on
a monthly basis.  Classes are held once
each week.  Four times a month, for a half hour at your preschool or daycare facility.
What is Tiny Tumblers?
We utilize a variety of preschool fun shaped mats, incline mats, trapezoids, mailbox, octagon barrels and a springboard used for vaulting.  Thus we are able to teach Balance beam, Floor (tumbling), Vaulting.   Our colorful "Fun Shaped Mats" are designed to teach and excite students while learning the concepts of tumbling. Preschoolers will develop strength, coordination and self-confidence.